Car accident victims have the legal right to claim lost wages if they have missed work because of their injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. However, claiming lost wages after a car crash is a complex process. Plaintiffs must prove the lost wages with the appropriate evidence to get compensated. A personal injury attorney can be the difference between recovering lost wages and being out on the compensation the victim is entitled to obtain. Yerushalmi Law Firm’s competent and skilled car accident lawyers know what it takes to get you the maximum compensation for lost wages you deserve.


What Qualifies as Lost Wages

Lost wages include all the income plaintiff would have made had the plaintiff wasn’t out of work because of his physical injuries sustained in the car crash. It’s the part of damages that victims can recover in a personal injury claim.

Depending on the employer’s benefits policy, accident victims may be eligible for a variety of recoverable lost income, including:


Accident victims often incur life-altering injuries that limit their ability to work in the future. In such cases, the victim may be eligible for recovering compensation for lost future earnings in addition to lost wages.


Claiming Lost Wages After a Car Crash


Documents that work as Evidence in Lost Wages Claim

Claiming lost wages after a car crash means documenting it carefully, as there is no one approach to substantiate lost wages in California. It can be challenging to compensate for the loss of income if the backup for the claim is not available with suitable documentation. Following is the typical documentary evidence list that claimants must present to the insurance company to recover lost wages:



Contact A Trusted Car Accident Attorney In LA

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