Determining liability in truck accidents can be more complex than a typical motor vehicle crash. Because of many contributing factors, the fault is not always a black-and-white case. And the involvement of multiple parties in the trucking company’s operation further complicates the situation.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a truck accident, Yerushalmi Law Firm’s skilled truck accident attorney can gather information and investigate to find the negligent party/parties. We will help in recovering the compensation you are rightfully entitled to obtain.


Liable Parties In Los Angeles Truck Accidents

Truck crashes often inflict severe injuries because of their large size and massive weight. In most instances, the victim and his family are unsure of what happened, who is at fault, and whether or not they are eligible to get compensation. However, once the negligence is determined, it becomes easier to pursue compensation from the responsible party. Let’s take a look at potentially liable parties in a truck accident:






Determining liability in truck accidents in Los Angeles


Truck accident claims are intricate, and establishing liability in such cases can be challenging. The defendant’s insurer will go to any length to reject or undervalue the claim. Hence, truck accident victims should avoid speaking with the insurance company until they’ve hired an experienced truck accident lawyer.


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Our skilled truck accident lawyers at Yerushalmi Law Firm are committed to helping truck accident victims recover maximum compensation for their injuries. We will thoroughly investigate the accident details, the truck driver’s past, maintenance history, and other factors to establish liability for the truck accident.

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