Motorcyclists shall follow the same safety rules as car drivers and should exercise extra caution, especially when lane splitting is legal in the state. Motorcyclists are often falsely accused of causing collisions by going too fast or recklessly. Yerushalmi Law Firm’s seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles diligently defend the injured claimants with extensive knowledge of the unique causes of motorcycle accidents in LA and the challenges that a motorcycle crash claim may face.


Typical Motorcycle Accident Causes 

Being involved in a motorcycle crash can be terrifying, as riders lack the physical protection that an enclosed car offers. And if a motorcyclist gets hit by a large vehicle,  the injuries can be catastrophic, taking months or years to recover. Knowing the leading causes of Motorcycle accidents in LA can help you prepare for such a situation to some extent.








Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in LA


Insurance adjusters are always looking for ways to deny the claim or lower its value. Hence, motorcyclists must respond immediately to maximize their odds of receiving fair compensation. They should seek legal counsel from a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible following a crash.

Injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles? Experienced and skilled motorcycle accident attorneys at the Yerushalmi Law Firm will thoroughly evaluate your case and talk you through the process of seeking compensation. Call us for a free consultation at (310) 777-7717


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