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At Yerushalmi Law Firm,We work with models, photographers and leading agencies in the industry to determine the real loss a model or influencer suffered resulting from their injuries.  We also work with renowned psychologist who have experience treating models, celebrities and influencers for the unique emotional harms they suffer resulting from an injury. We use our resources to make insurance companies pay maximum compensation to our model and influencer clients.

We understand that when a model or influencer is injured in an accident, the damages are far from typical.  In fact, most of the time an injury that may not seem like a big deal for the average person is multiplied when the case involves a model, influencer or celebrity.  This has never been truer than in the age of social media, where relevancy and keeping an up to date book are key factors in being a successful model or social media influencer. Because of this and many other factors, there is a vast array of damages that a model or influencer may be entitled to recover that do not even apply to the general public.

Can I Recover for Loss of Social Media Followers Resulting from an Injury?

Yes, models and influencers may be entitled to compensation for, Loss of Social Media Followers Resulting from an Injury. This happens when a model or social media influencer is unable to engage with his or her followers online as a result of an injury and, therefore, loses followers.  This often has a ripple effect, because when a certain number of followers are lost, it is less likely that the model or influencer victim will receive new followers. The effects can be devastating to an aspiring model or social media influencers career.

What You Need to Know About Social Media Influencer and Model Injuries. 

Social media has created a new and booming industry of influencers, and completely changed the way models and celebrities interact with their audience.  Furthermore, models and influencers are booked for jobs, or asked to advertise products or services, not only based on their follower count, but specifically based on the engagement they have with those followers.  The latest Pew Research Poll conducted estimated that 72% of adults use social media. That number rises to close to 100% for adults aged between 18-29 years.

Many of these young adults use social media to make decisions about what they wear, how they shop, what diet to adopt and almost everything else.  Social media influencers and models are at the forefront of this decision making. Unfortunately, because social media is so new, and ever changing, most attorneys and insurance companies do not understand the affects it has on an injury claims value.  This puts social media influencers and models at a huge disadvantage because their claims are handled just like any other case.

What You Should Do If You Have Are  Model or Influencer Who Is Injured.

At Yerushalmi Law Firm, we understand the everyday pressure a social media influencer or model must go through to interact with their followers.  We know that there is already enough pressure on young men and women whose life revolves around social media to look their best each day. One simple bruise or cut can deter a model or influencer from posting a new picture and this will affect not only their career but also their mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Most importantly, we know how to prove the value of each follower, post and loss thereof.  Models and Influencers cannot afford to hire an attorney who does not understand the complicated task of proving unique harms in the courtroom. 

If you or a loved one is a model or social media influencer who is injured, please call or text us at (310) 777-7717 today for a free consultation.  We do not charge a penny unless we win your case guaranteed.