At Yerushalmi Law Firm, we are proud to be a trusted referral source for leading law firms in California.  Our unique approach to personal injury law mixed with our fearless, trial ready attitude makes us the perfect candidate to take on cases other law firms do not have the time or resources to pursue.  If your law firm is not familiar with the complexities of a case, or simply does not have the time and resources to take it on, we are ready and willing to consult and appear as co-counsel or help you reach a just outcome for your client.   


  • We pay up to 50% in referral fees to referring attorneys.
  • We can jump in the case at any time and make a significant impact.
  • We are capable of helping with investigations, case management and all other initial steps.

If your law firm would like to discuss referral opportunities further, please call our office to speak with an attorney today at (310) 777-7717.