7 Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents In LA, California


Los Angeles weather is perfect for a bicycle enthusiast. If you love bicycling this article would be of great help to you to understand the most common causes of a bicycle accidents in LA, California and you may take a more constructive and protective strategy to keep out of the way of danger.

Bicycles are an ideal option to cars when navigating the congested roads around Los Angeles. Many LA residents have taken up cycling as a way of commuting to and from school, college and work. And, as the number of bicycle users rise, the rate of bicycle accident injuries is expected to increase too. Cyclists have practically no protection to protect against any collision. Even a low-speed car crash may cause bicycle rider to sustain fatal injury. If you or loved one was injured in a bicycle accident because of someone else’s fault, our expert bicycle accident attorney will conduct thorough investigation and build a strong case to get you the maximum compensation.          

Common Causes Of Bicycle Accident In LA


Motorists often target cyclists and try to put blame for collision on them. However, most of these accidents are results of motorists lack of attention or when they tend to forget that bicyclists are legal and lawful road users, too. Here are seven common causes of bicycle accident in Los Angeles:


  1. Distracted Driving – Distracted driving such as texting and checking mobile notifications is one of the most common cause of auto accidents. And, the results could be devastating if the victim is a bicyclist.


  1. Unsafe Lane Changes – Unsafe lane changes by motorists can be extremely dangerous for bicyclists and is a frequent cause of bicycle accidents. Drivers must ensure that there is no bicyclist behind them or in their blind spot before they merge or change lane.


  1. Speeding – Speeding can be linked to a large number of bicycle accident injuries and fatalities. Lack of any safety for the body makes a cyclist vulnerable to serious injuries.


  1. Drunken Driving – Alcohol intake leads to reduced reasoning skills, which raise a motorist’s risk of not seeing a bicyclist. Hit and run cases are quite common too in drunk driving crash.


  1. Dooring – Dooring is described as when a driver or passenger opens their vehicle door into an oncoming bicyclist. It happens so rapidly and cyclists have no time to escape the hazard or harm.


  1. Failure to Yield – Failure to yield is another form of reckless driving that poses serious risks to cyclists.


  1. Road Hazards – Road hazards like potholes, poor road designs, signal malfunctioning, uneven road surfaces, debris or oil, and fallen signs or trees etc. are also common causes of bicycle accidents in LA.


If you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident, it is vital to consult a qualified bicycle accident injury lawyer immediately to secure your legal rights. Our skilled attorney at Yerushalmi Law Firm will guide you and take the vital measures required to make strong personal injury case. Contact us for a free consultation today at (310) 777-7717

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